Takers EP by Will Miles
Released end of March
Exclusivley on Juno


The Emerging Talents of Will Miles
come to the fore on this well crafted gem of an EP

Family Man
A cross pollination of Old School meets new, Jungle Meets Jump rolling
out with mean Dub Style bass peppered with the Family vocal and solid
beats keep you entranced until it drops to a luscious chords vibe which
hold you captive until the bass kicks back in with a squelch and even more
intent to keep you grounded to the spot.

Panic Buttons at the ready as Takers starts off somewhere in the
Twlight Zone, with just a Hi Hat pattern surrounded with a complex
haunting futuristic synth, then Will Miles magic really start
happening, first head rocking half step beat kicks in with a subtle
double kick that sets up for the Amen break to then take care of any
doubters, Meanwhile your feeling the pressure as the bass squashes
you into submission.

Broken Plates Remix
Lulls you into a false sense of security on the intro with a warm synth
dream like pattern before all hell brakes loose. Will gives you a
warning with the sound of mentazim in drop, on the return it’s total
warfare with hard hitting mentazim synth and beats to match.This
remix is for all the hard steppers destined
to bring total chaos to any
DnB arena .


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Tags: DNBWorldwide 1 Comment Views: 8978 23rd Feb 2016

Author: DJ Rips

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Jann Neves

11th Mar 2016 - 8:48pm Big EP

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