On Wednesday 30th April 2014, Channel 4 aired part five of their Music Nation series, this time covering the Jungle scene with a documentary by Ollie Evans called Jungle Fever.

An exploration of the movement that redefined British urban music: jungle. The programme charts the rise and fall of this iconic scene and features Fabio & Grooverider, DJ Hype, Kenny Ken, Brockie and more.

Channel 4

This is a great doumentary for the Jungle scene, with the only down side being its short runtime of just over 20 minutues!  If they could have made it longer there's so much more to say about the scene.  Still fully recommended viewing for any true Junglist! 

You can catch the show again @ DazedDigital:  Music Nation: Jungle Fever
(4OD no longer have the video online)

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Author: DJ Darkone


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